Flex Ion Foot Detox


FLEX ION FOOT DETOX helps to detoxify organs, relieves headaches, arthritis, joint pain, enhances nutrient absorption, speeds up metabolism, and aids in weight loss.

We are located at 498 Ferguson Ave, Haileybury, Ontario. Canada


✔ Improve sleep and soothe anxiety
✔ Boost overall vitality and cellular functions
✔ Decrease inflammatory pain and joint disorders
✔ Promote emotional balance and mental clarity
✔ Ease detoxification of the body and regeneration of the organs
✔ Neutralize free radicals and oxidative stress
✔ Support the nervous system and eliminate brain fog
✔ Help with respiratory disorders, oxygenation, and fluid circulation
✔ Enhance immune functions and minimize cravings for sugar
✔ Balance the digestive system and stabilize absorption of nutrients
✔ Help with skin disorders and slow the signs of aging
✔ Optimize overall athletic performance
✔ Release energy blockages (meridians)
✔ Raise body’s personal vibration
✔ Enhance the body-soul-mind synergy
✔ Nothing orally, everything through the skin
✔ No pills or chemical substances
✔ No creams, ointments, or injections


✔ Children under the age of 6
✔ Pacemaker
Private defibrillator
Pregnant or breastfeeding woman
Severe renal impairment
Organ transplants with anti-rejection therapy
Radiotherapy or chemotherapy in progress
Medicated chronic epilepsy

Avoid discomfort by gradually starting with a few 20 minutes sessions at low intensity before increasing the time and/or ionization power, all while monitoring your condition in the following cases:

✔ Children from 6 to 12 years old
Weak, fragile, and medicated elder
Type 1 and/or 2 diabetes with medication
Major heart problems under medication
Medicated blood abnormalities
Severe psychic and psychological instability
Presence of metal parts in the body


✔ Get well-hydrated before, during, and after each session (2 liters of water/day).
✔ Avoid heavy and high caloric foods throughout the protocol.
✔ Avoid eating some noxious and/or controversial things temporally.
✔ Promote healthy and unprocessed food (vegetal, fresh, and varied).
✔ Minimize your stress (emotional, psychological, and mental).
✔ Oxygenate your body (move and walk outside).
✔ Take essential supplements.
✔ Stop the session in case of intense and persistent discomfort.
✔ Avoid immersing open and bleeding wounds in bathwater.
✔ Avoid carrying large metal or electronic objects.
✔ Avoid late sessions if this causes a strong revival of vitality.
✔ Clean the main unit with a damp cloth without any chemical product.
✔ Never submerge the main unit in water and handle it delicately.
✔ Operates simultaneously and only with the heating belt (not the ZAPPER).
✔ Does not cause any harmful side effects.

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Please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment and check-in.

The VitalBody 3-in-1 (negative ion bath + antiparasitic zapper + far infrared belt) is extremely easy to use, very powerful, and safe. The device offers an effective, gentle, and non-medical technology which produces beneficial physiological effects. There are many client testimonials which clearly demonstrate why the detoxifying ionic bath (energizing electrolytic bath) constantly gains in popularity and quickly earns the trust of those who try it, even the most skeptical.


As this is a self-serve offer, you MUST prepare the tub of warm saltwater. When you book in for the FIRST TIME, you will be instructed on how to set it up.

To operate, soak the feet or hands in a tub of warm salt water with the ion generator for 30 minutes.


Repeat the sessions twice a week (three days apart) for a few weeks.

Please note: the base unit can be used with two people at a time. Someone may be set up when you arrive.


There is complimentary coffee, tea, and water available at the Coffee Station for you. Please help yourself.

Mugs are hanging and there are few in the drawer. Cutlery is in the drawer.


The washroom is at the end of the hall to the left.


Essential Oils for the diffuser are available outside my office door for any of the rooms. There should be a glass water bottle next to the diffuser.

Feel free to light the candles in the room, should you choose, and extinguish them when you leave. If bringing in your own candles, please do not use fragrance/perfumes. Only use essential oils.


During the session, the foot bath water is ionized and transmits valuable electrical charges (negative ions) throughout the body.

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